Top 5 Construction Career Paths To Consider

The construction industry in Canada is growing. With plenty of job openings constantly available, a career in the construction industry can be lucrative not to mention exciting. If you’ve been considering a future in construction, now is a good time to seriously start thinking about it. Read on to learn about a few career paths you can have in construction.

  • Construction Truck Driver

Unlike many truck drivers who have fixed routes to run, a construction truck driver may have new routes every few weeks as the company they work for takes on new projects. Construction truck drivers often have to drive different types of trucks depending on the materials they need to move to-and-from the construction site – you may find yourself driving a flatbed truck to a lumberyard one day or an over-the-road truck the next day. Construction truck drivers also work as a part of a team, so you won’t spend days isolated on the road.

If you have (or are working toward) a Class 1 license, enjoy variety, are detailed-oriented, can think strategically, and communicate well, then a career as a construction truck driver might just be the right one for you.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Construction sites need plenty of equipment like graders, backhoes, front-end loaders, tractors, trash trucks and dump trucks and the drivers to go with them. Many heavy equipment operators are qualified to drive more than one type of vehicle which means that every day can bring a new challenge. Depending on experience, heavy equipment technicians are among the highest paid workers in the construction industry. 

If you have an OFA 1 certification or a higher, valid license, and enjoy solving problems then have a look at job openings for heavy equipment operators at North Construction.

construction career as a truck driver

  • Pipelayer

Pipelayers or pipefitters install and repair pipes for gas, water, HVAC systems, and more. Like heavy equipment operators, the importance of their job means they are amongst the highest-earning tradespeople in the industry. 

If you enjoy working with your hands, can read blueprints, enjoy working with tools, and can remain calm under pressure, then have a look at North Construction’s requirements for pipelayers.

  • Civil Ground Crew

Working as a civil ground crew member means you get to experience working on construction projects at different stages of completion. You often get to be the first and last person on a construction project preparing the ground for a project and later adding the final touches.

If you have your raceway Installer certification, confined space certification, and ground disturbance certification and want to work on some exciting projects across the country, have a look at North Construction’s job opportunities.

  • Solar Installer

A great new field to get into, solar installers assemble the various components of solar systems for various projects. They are also involved in the ongoing maintenance, support and repairs of existing installations.

Working with North Construction means joining one of the fastest-growing and most innovative heavy construction contractors in Canada. Be a part of our award-winning team to experience an exciting workplace culture, fantastic colleagues, and an opportunity to work with a company that’s recognized around the world for our ability to build and manage the most challenging of construction projects in all environments.

If you think you would be a good fit for our company, please apply with your resume and cover letter to: . We look forward to hearing from you!

construction career as Civil Ground Crew