How to Create a Successful Construction Project Rescue Plan

That there will be delays in a construction project is a fact taken for granted. According to the think tank, McKinsey, if the productivity of the construction industry were to catch up with that of the total economy, the sector’s value-added would increase by an estimated $1.6 trillion.

While good construction project management can certainly keep a construction project on schedule, there are many instances where even the best-laid plans go awry and can quickly spiral out of control. Having a construction rescue plan in place is vital to bring your project back on track. Read on to learn how to develop a successful construction project rescue plan.

Common Reasons Behind Construction Delays

As the scope of a construction project is so large, and involves many moving parts in terms of stakeholders, contractors, tradespeople, materials, and the weather, the probability of something going wrong is quite high. Some of the common causes behind construction project delays include:

  • Cost overruns
  • Poor communication
  • Labour concerns – shortages, overscheduling, over or understaffing, among others
  • Design flaws or last-minute changes
  • Incorrect data collection
  • Construction mistakes
  • Materials sourcing delays or cost escalations
  • Force majeure (or Acts of God)

How to Mitigate the Effects of Construction Delays

Every construction project has its own challenges. This means that the causes behind the delay of each project is different. Ergo, solutions need to be customized too. There are a few crucial steps you can take to bring your project back on track as quickly as possible.

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1. Plan for Delays During Preconstruction

It’s a good idea to take risks into account during the preconstruction phase. Look at all the areas where critical delays may occur and list out ways to manage them. Having a risk management plan in place before you even break ground on the project can help avert a crisis before it actually becomes a problem. A robust and open communication plan for all the stakeholders is another key component. When mistakes are made and hidden, the repercussions can get progressively worse until they are discovered and repaired.

2. Investigate the Cause

You can fix something unless you know what is broken. Take a deep dive into why a delay has occurred. This may involve speaking to various stakeholders and going over your construction schedule with a fine-tooth comb to ascertain the cause.

 3. Bring on Your Conflict Mitigation Mojo

Regardless of where the fault lies, stirring up a storm won’t help. Constructive (pardon the pun!) conversation between stakeholders is key to bringing the project back on schedule. It is also essential to let the party or parties responsible for the delay know that the root cause of the delay lies with them so that they can be involved in the solution.

4. Prioritize Delays

Very often, a delay in one part of a construction project can lead to delays in other parts of your overarching schedule. It becomes important to look at all the potential challenges and decide which ones need to be tackled first for your construction rescue plan to fall into place. Involve your stakeholders to create new deadlines for the completion of their tasks.

Let owners or contractors know if there are changes to the original costs or timelines due to the construction rescue plan kicking off.

5. Be Adaptable

You need to be adaptable when developing your construction rescue plan. Taking swift, decisive actions can help prevent problems from snowballing down the line. Consistent, proactive actions are necessary for any rescue plan to succeed.

6. Use Technology

Construction management software can help you rebuild your schedule to help your project adhere to its projected budget and timeline. It can help automate some of the workflow and open new avenues of communication and transparency necessary to succeed.

7. Be Involved Onsite

Being involved onsite can help you ensure that your project rescue plan is being carried out as it should be. You may also find ways to streamline workflows and processes by viewing them being implemented. Your presence can also give workers confidence in your plan.

Involve the Experts

When a large-scale construction project goes off the rails, don’t hesitate to call in the experts. North Construction has a strong history of being retained to bring projects ‘back on track”, offering our clients design assistance, innovation, real-time project costing, and the oversight they need.

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