What is Construction Project Management?

Any construction project is a large one, especially in terms of all the different stakeholders involved including suppliers, workers, and tradesmen, among others. Add in inevitable delays and expanding budgets, and any construction project has the potential to spiral way out of control. Effective construction project management helps your construction run on track, within budget and maintain a high-quality output. 

What is Construction Project Management (CPM)?

Construction project management (CPM) is the process of managing, regulating, and supervising construction processes – right from inception to completion. The goal of any construction project manager is to make sure that the project is completed within stipulated timeframes and within budget. Ensuring that the project is completed to the highest possible quality is also a top priority for any great construction project manager. In order to do this, the North Construction team ensures that there is constant and clear communication between all the stakeholders involved in the project.

What is Construction Project Management

The Stages of Construction Project Management

Construction project management can be broken into different stages and the responsibilities change as a project progresses. 

1. Project Conceptualization

The very first stage of any project is to understand if it is a feasible one using key performance indicators (KPIs). In many cases, the first task is to carry out a feasibility study which is used to determine the next steps. A project initiation document (PID) is created which is then used as the foundation for the actual construction plan. The PID contains important information like the project’s scope, risks, roles and responsibilities, and more

2. Project Planning

Get the planning stage perfect with North Construction and you’ll be prepared for most contingencies that may come your way during the actual construction process itself. The project planning stage involves outlining the budget, allocating resources, drawing up a detailed schedule, and assembling teams. This is the phase where risk management plans are drawn up with solutions to potential problems. A communication schedule is also set up with all the key stakeholders.

 Construction Project Management Team in Vancouver

3. Execution

This is where tangible results start to be seen. The CPM plan is put into action and contractors start work on the ground. Monitoring the work diligently to ensure schedules and budgets are being adhered to is a key feature of this stage. Project managers need to think on their feet during this stage by predicting potential setbacks around the corner, dealing with them, and reallocating tasks and resources as necessary.

4. Closing

This is the final phase of a construction project. Any loose ends are taken care of, all contractual obligations are fulfilled, and a final report is prepared by our team at North Construction. 

Make Sure Your Project Has the Construction Project Management Team It Needs

As a leader in quality Civil Infrastructure and Excavation works, all projects large or small, receive the professional oversight and quality control that North Construction is renowned for.  The advanced technology we employ ensures that your projects will be completed to the highest quality, on time and on budget.

North Construction also has a strong history of being retained to bring projects ‘back on track”, offering our clients design assistance, innovation, fully transparent real-time project costing, and safety oversite from our COR certified Team through to environmental compliance.

If you need construction project management expertise on your new or existing projects, get in touch with us to discuss your project and needs today.