Excavation is the process of clearing away excess rock and soil in large quantities to create a stable and level foundation for landscaping or construction work.

Earthmoving in all forms permits work on new buildings, roads, reservoirs, and more.
Excavation crews aren’t just responsible for deep digs or clearing up a site; their job is to improve the working conditions.

Inadequate planning and bad techniques can jeopardize the integrity of any project, leading to damaged utilities, dangerous soil conditions, work delays, and potential safety hazards for crews.
For a construction company like North Construction, nothing is moved until the site has been adequately surveyed. The necessary permits and approvals need to be attained, and a strategic plan must be in place. North Construction does it all!

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Understanding Excavating Services

Excavation in British Columbia (or anywhere else) demands heavy machinery, skilled operators, and a straightforward strategy. Excavation jobs demand expertise in site preparation, land clearing, debris removal, grading, levelling, digging, backfilling, and surface restoration.

Today’s construction leaders should have a firm grasp on the advanced technology required to expedite excavations safely and efficiently.

Just as there are numerous pieces of equipment involved (excavators, backhoe loaders, trenchers, skid steers, graders, bulldozers, and articulated trucks, for starters), there are just as many types of excavation.

  • Rock/Unclassified Removal:  Requires specialized machinery or explosive demolition expertise to eliminate heavy boulders or other underground obstacles
  • Topsoil Excavation: Clears away the visible layer of earth and vegetation that could negatively affect soil compression 
  • Earth Excavation: Involves digging beyond the topsoil, creating a deep cavity 
  • Cut and fill: Removes layers of earth for use in other areas (embankments, grading, etc.)
  • Muck Excavation: Includes jobs dealing with excess mud, water, and dirt at the location
  • Dredging:Excavates debris and sediment from below water level (rivers, lakes, shorelines)
  • Drainage: Diverts unwanted water away from areas of activity using trenches, canals, and retaining walls to prevent water buildup and soil erosion 
  • Basement Excavation: Necessary for any structure with a lower ground floor 
  • Roadway Excavation:Clears a path for the new construction of roads and highways (utilizes topsoil and cut and fill techniques)
  • Soil Remediation: Cleans contaminated land, reducing pollution levels to ensure people’s safety 
  • Trenching: Creates deep and narrow stretches in the land for the installation or repair of utilities, including plumbing installations, water mains, irrigation piping, gas, or underground electrical lines

North Construction provides all the excavation services listed above for commercial, institutional, and civil engineering clients.

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Preliminary Site Assessment Are Vital

There are many factors to be considered whenever deep excavation occurs, including:

  • Field tests to determine the load-bearing capacity and possible movement of the soil
  • Groundwater evaluations to assess the area’s stability and prevent potential water ingress
  • The implementation of safety support systems such as ground anchors, shoring walls, and bracing
  • Constant monitoring to detect any change in the soil conditions

The Role of Technological Innovation in Excavating Services

Advanced technology enables precise planning, analysis, and real-time data for the successful execution of projects.

GPS technology ensures accurate preliminary site assessments for any proposed excavation digging and grading. Virtual modelling enables detailed project visualization for improved communication and decision-making. Advanced software has transformed excavation, improving results and client experience.

Our technology facilitates more efficient project management, real-time monitoring, and seamless execution. At North Construction, we strive to deliver exceptional results by continually optimizing our processes through technology.

The Importance of Qualified Excavating Services in Construction

Partnering with an experienced excavating company can minimize risks and delays and improve project outcomes.

Excavating services are essential for lot clearing, commercial builds, and civil contracting projects of every scale. They ensure a stable foundation, prevent flooding, and allow for the correct placement of underground utilities.

No matter the task, safety is essential to avoid project hiccups and, more importantly, the protection of workers. You never know when an unexpected cave-in may occur.

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Quality excavating services are essential for construction on every scale.

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