Embracing Construction Technology for Tomorrow’s Builds

When the general public thinks about civil construction and excavation projects, they tend to think about the size of the machinery involved. Big jobs demand big tools. However, the times are changing. Today, the people behind the equipment need to look at the projects they take on through a different lens. Nowadays, the bigger the task, the more technology required—specifically, artificial intelligence (AI). The construction process in 2022 looks quite different than it did in years past, and the industry continues to evolve. Integrating the latest innovative tools into your construction project enables a more predictable workflow. Teams can now work quicker, safer, and more efficiently on different construction sites. Investing in the latest tech solutions is essential for moving the construction industry forward.
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The Latest Construction Technology

Automated construction equipment. Construction robots. Augmented reality devices. The future of construction technology solutions for on-site work, training, and worker safety is being used now to advance the construction business.

Who would have thought 25 years ago that workers would rely on construction tech like flying drones and 3D printing to carry out their work?

Interestingly, a lot of companies today still think it’s 1997. Resisting the latest technology solutions will further limit the scope of construction projects these companies can handle.

Here is some of the construction technology that is helping construction companies like North Construction in North Vancouver, B.C., gain a competitive advantage in the local construction industry.

Apps and Software Make You Work Smarter (Not Harder)

Some of the most critical tools a construction company depends on don’t require an operator’s licence. Project management on complex projects is much easier when you have the correct digital tools and integrated solutions. Synching your scheduling and field reporting is simplified. Dealing with projects on the cloud in real-time fosters better collaboration between everyone involved. A little digital technology goes a long way in improving construction productivity. Keeping tabs on project status is crucial, as is the day-to-day management of your business documentation and staff. There is no shortage of software specifically designed for the construction industry. Technology makes tracking timecards, expenses, and RFIs a lot simpler. The amount of new tech available to general contractors continues to grow daily.
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Artificial Intelligence AI for Project Management

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for robots; it’s about making work crews more efficient and preventing injuries and even worker fatalities on job sites. AI machine learning and other new technology allow companies to collect data for evaluating performance indexes, progress monitoring, and more that will help them anticipate the risks and timelines on job sites. AI apps are increasingly important for planning and scheduling, and predictive maintenance. There are even programs out there that can help determine the best hires. By tracking employees and monitoring equipment, you can discover which tasks take the most time. Simple things like the placement of portable toilets, tools, and building materials at a job site can cut down on time spent walking around. Wearable tech, like smart hard hats, can alert staff to possible dangers in the workplace. AI provides the information needed to establish better ways of working.

AI for Design

Drones and rovers equipped with LiDar scanning technology are being used to scan and evaluate locations. This information can then be compared with the existing models and drawings to ensure no potential issues lay ahead. AI allows your team to address roadblocks and stay on schedule at all stages of the project. Machine learning software analyzes past projects to improve your methods.

Integrating the latest innovative tools into your construction project, even at the office level, enables a smoother, more predictable workflow. Teams can work quicker, safer, and more efficiently on different construction sites. Investing in the latest tech solutions today is essential for moving the construction industry forward.

North Construction is known for its ability to get things done. A willingness to incorporate the latest construction technology is one of the reasons the company can take on more complex projects that other companies won’t touch.

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