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North Construction: Your Civil Engineering Firm in Vancouver

Civil engineering firms need good decision-making ability, technical expertise, and vast experience in the field. When building roads, bridges, dams, and other structural works for the general public, you must always bring your ‘A’ game.

North Construction in North Vancouver, British Columbia, has proven itself time and time again, amassing an impressive portfolio of projects to support its credentials.

If you’re looking for a civil engineering company for your next project, North Construction tackles all aspects of the engineering and construction process. Our services include contract administration, consulting, planning, and procurement of the necessary resources.

We pave the way for municipalities to initiate and complete their projects in the shortest amount of time through our consulting engineering services and our building science savvy.

Our specialty in ski resort development and project management North Construction Team

Construction Management Services of the Highest Quality

Applying the laws of physics and mathematical calculations to technical drawings and design models is a skill, and it requires the latest advancements in construction software to ensure 100% accuracy.

However, there’s a difference between the work done in offices and the work completed on-site. A team capable of executing and delivering on all levels is always an asset.

Today’s tools and technology are limited if you don’t have the people to drive the vision and carry out the required project management. By incorporating the latest technology and scheduling the right teams, North Construction can execute and deliver construction services at the highest level for every stage of your civil construction project.

Our Civil Engineering Services


In partnership with Spitfire Drone Survey, North Construction can map the topography and elevations of your building site with exacting precision. We can gather information about the lay of the land, including volumetric volumes at the location, and we can present this data visually to stakeholders. Using the latest LiDar equipment and photogrammetry technology, we have access to bare earth digital representations, high-density 3D point data, and detailed geo-referenced orthophotos. All of this allows for better planning and progress monitoring throughout the project’s many stages.

The Stages of Construction Project Management
North Construction

Project Management/Project Delivery

Nobody said creating a better world through innovative construction and engineering would be easy.

When planning for improved infrastructure and transportation, a lot of considerations weigh heavily in the decision-making process. North Construction supports its clients by guiding each civil construction project through its various phases.

Our civil engineering services include consultants well-versed in the industry. North Construction provides:

  • Feasibility testing
  • Documentation concerning the project scope, scheduling, and deliverables
  • A detailed breakdown of the expected work
  • A plan for communication
  • A risk management assessment
  • Construction oversight, completion of the work during the execution phase
  • Project monitoring
  • Meetings between engineers and project managers to ensure the objectives were met

Civil Engineering Done Right

North Construction goes one step beyond many of our competitors by specializing in high-profile projects (facilities for the Winter Olympic Games) and construction projects in the most challenging, mountainous regions (British Columbia ski resorts).

At the end of the day, you want a company that’s comfortable solving problems and communicating with you, the client. You deserve a team capable of providing cost-effective solutions for your new construction and land development projects. North Construction is that team! We’d love to hear what you have in the works.

From structural engineering and consulting to industrial work, allow our innovation and experience to improve your infrastructure.

Our clients expect the best, and that’s what we deliver. Reach out to us today!

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