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Civil Construction in Canada (Think Vancouver’s Rugged Terrain)

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Civil Construction in Canada (Think Vancouver’s Rugged Terrain)

According to the latest data found on the Government of Canada website, the number of non-residential construction jobs continues to rise in Canada. This includes industrial, commercial, and institutional projects across the country.

That’s good news for the Canadian construction industry and companies like North Construction in North Vancouver, British Columbia. North Construction has earned a reputation for its many successful commercial builds and civil engineering projects in British Columbia, most notably around Vancouver.

A civil engineering career is often defined by the teams you trust to carry out your vision.

In terms of handling those tricky civil engineering jobs, Vancouver poses many challenges. If your company can tackle the most difficult jobs around the Lower Mainland, you will definitely elevate your reputation. 

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The Challenges of a Civil Engineer in Vancouver

Vancouver is a coastal location that relies heavily on its infrastructure to manage its proximity to the water. The seaport city depends on the excellent condition of its bridges, railroads, roadways, and airports to accommodate all the traffic.

Vancouver includes rugged forested mountain regions with valleys containing lakes and streams. You also have a combination of uplands and flat lowlands with various tributaries. North Construction’s many years of managing assignments around this challenging terrain have solidified the company’s stellar reputation.

With its focus on sustainability and eco-sensitive work and its track record of impressive builds, the company has expanded its services over the years. In British Columbia, that means working around the various ski resorts.

Founded almost 30 years ago, North Construction brings a core team of workers and an ‘anything’s possible’ attitude to every job. This dedication to their work puts their services in high demand.

All in a Day’s Work

As a civil construction company in Vancouver, North Construction has handled all kinds of tricky civil engineering projects. When you have the right team and possess the latest equipment and technology (3D grading, GPS, drones, etc.), anything can be achieved.

The company has poured concrete in areas without roads and put machinery at altitudes other construction companies would balk at.

Whether installing fused HDPE penstocks for a river protection system, setting up tower cranes for new buildings deep in the woods or laying down blasting mats for earthworks, North Construction delivers precision expertise on the biggest, most dangerous jobs.

Your search for a qualified business to carry out your civil engineering plans starts and ends with North Construction.

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Artificial Intelligence AI for Project Management

Supporting the needs of various industries, North Construction is well-equipped to pursue bids for all kinds of engineering projects. The company has the knowledge, tools, and experience to assist at all stages.

North Construction is comfortable in all aspects of construction. The team is happy to advise during the conception and design stages to ensure the feasibility and eco-friendliness of any proposed work. Early support is a big plus, given all the moving parts of the typical civil construction project.

Support During Every Stage

Pre-construction consultations with North Construction allow project owners to know about the required materials and estimated completion dates.

At the procurement stage, North Construction will arrange for the purchase and transportation of all the necessary materials and equipment. Any required outside job titles or additional contractors will be retained through the North Construction office.
At this point, construction is ready to begin.

As the construction stage commences, North Construction remains vigilant in monitoring and tracking progress. All time and materials are accounted for, and any lapses in productivity are quickly followed up on to ensure milestones are reached. The company’s well-established processes help create safe and predictable work routines for those at the jobsite.

When the project is complete, North Construction conducts a post-construction assessment to ensure all requirements have been met.

North Construction
North Construction

Artificial Intelligence AI for Project Management

There’s a reason why some of the top civil engineering companies in Canada choose to work with North Construction. It’s about the results!

Vancouver’s North Construction is the team to call for environmental engineering work, project rescues, and excavation on challenging terrain. Your civil engineering firm will love working with their crews. The company’s diligence and attention to detail helps bring the ideas of civil engineers to life.

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