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Underground Utilities Installation for Uplands in West Vancouver

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Underground Utilities Installation for Uplands in West Vancouver

Recognized for being one of Canadas most innovative and technologically-advanced heavy construction contractors in Western Canada, North Construction’s team of specialist are sought after for ski resort development, road and highway projects, civil construction, and project remediation through mountain corridors and challenging terrain. Their team of experts are versed in all aspects of challenging construction, which allows them to keep projects on track and on budget from the early stages to the finishing touches. North Construction is not just known for “building it right” but also for their proficiency in everything from the early-stage earthworks to the final installation of all residential and commercial utilities.

Nowhere is this more evident than in their recent work for British Pacific Properties’ new community, Uplands, in West Vancouver. Situated on the hillside of Cypress Mountain this new residential area will be incorporated into the natural West Coast mountain terrain. Thoughtful planning and quality construction have been key in the ongoing success of this project since the very beginning. Now nearing its final stages of construction, North’s site crew is focused on laying a vital part for the residents of the community: the underground utilities that will provide them with the electricity, water and communication lines they will need in their everyday life.

Karl Glover, a Pipe Foreman at North Construction, is overseeing the crew for the installation of the utilities in the community. Together they are servicing over 30 lots with hydro, communication, storm, sanitary, and water mains. While the work varies based on depth of the excavation and size of conduit that is being installed, the mountainous terrain can come with a few challenges. A deep excavation, for example, may require shoring the bank or putting in trench boxes to keep everybody safe. But perhaps the biggest challenge is anticipating what the grading is going to be like, since hitting bedrock is not uncommon on that terrain and can slow down production.

To minimize these challenges, North Construction incorporates a dedicated and experienced team in the planning and execution of each job. “North is a versatile company,” he says “where everybody plays a vital role and there is good inclusion of every level.” Their sister company, Spitfire Drone Survey, also played a vital role in laying out the design set via their GPS grading system right from the get-go. On a particularly challenging job in Area 5 the average pipe slope exceeded 30%, which required extra effort to install anchor blocks at preset intervals. However, thanks to the team’s foresight and organizational logistics they had the right tools to plan ahead and complete the job to the greatest precision. So whenever the future residents of Uplands open a faucet, drive through clear roads on stormy days, or turn off the lights at the end of the day, they can rest assured that their community was built right and with pride by the team at North Construction.

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