Things to Consider When Choosing Excavating Contractors

Preparing the ground is the first step taken before any tangible construction work actually starts. Excavations are a big part of making sure the rest of the project goes according to plan. Unless you own and operate the heavy machinery necessary for excavation, chances are you will have to hire excavating contractors to carry out the work for you. Choosing the right excavation company for your project isn’t as easy as calling the first number you see in the yellow pages. You need to choose one that is guaranteed to get your project off to a good start. Read on to learn about the different factors you need to consider while picking excavating contractors.

1. The Services Offered

Not all excavating contractors offer the same services. Some only work on residential projects while others may work on commercial construction projects. Larger companies like North Construction that work on civil construction projects may take on a variety of different excavation projects, including those in eco-sensitive regions and difficult terrain.

2. Experience

Every excavation project brings its own challenges – whether it is the terrain or the presence of underlying gas lines. The soil varies from area to area too. A company with many years of experience will typically have the skills necessary to deal with the different aspects of the job along. Additionally, they will have details of their previous work and may also have a gallery of pictures to demonstrate the quality of their work. 

3. Equipment

You need heavy equipment for large jobs like building highways and smaller equipment for smaller jobs like repairing a sewer for example. Finding out what machinery and equipment a company owns can give you an idea of whether they are suited for the job you have in mind. The right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a project is completed efficiently and safely.

Companies that have both large and small equipment will typically be able to carry out different parts of the job at hand including things like any necessary demolition or clean-up required. Having one company do the job can work out to be more cost-effective in the long run.

4. Past Clients and References

Established excavating contractors will usually display a list of their past clients proudly. Have a look and see if there are any names you have heard of. See if you can speak to any of their clients and find out what their experience was like when they worked on a project with the excavating contractor you are considering.

5. Licences and Insurance

A reliable excavating contractor will have all the necessary licences in place. This means that their teams will have the right skills and training to carry out the work at hand and that their equipment is up to code. It’s also important that your excavating contractor has insurance in place to protect you from any liability caused by injuries or damage to your property.

6. Get a Quote

It’s a good idea to get a quote from more than one company for a particular job. This will give you an idea about the various charges involved to complete your project. An experienced excavating contractor will be able to give you a breakdown of all the different costs involved. Remember that the cheapest quote you get is not necessarily the best.

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