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The Civil Construction Industry in Canada

Much talk in the construction industry has focussed on labour shortages in recent years. The fallout being that companies involved with infrastructure construction in British Columbia must learn to work in smarter, leaner ways.

Fortunately, the civil construction specialists at North Construction in North Vancouver have already adopted this way of working with 30+ years in the infrastructure construction industry.

What is Shoring in Construction?

Innovation for Improved Project Management

So what does leaner construction involve? It means doing the most with your available resources. North Construction constantly refines its practices by adopting the latest technologies. Utilizing the latest tools in the industry has allowed the company to streamline its construction process. This continual improvement has made them a leader in Vancouver’s construction sector.

Project management software for improving schedules and using drones for surveying has made the company more efficient and safe. Real-time updates and progress monitoring on job sites allow them to keep tabs on your project at all times.

Trusted in Vancouver for Civil Construction Projects

North Construction has rightly earned its reputation for being the most reliable company to turn to during challenging times. The company has been called in to save various civil construction projects and commercial building construction projects over the years. At North Construction, “anything is possible.”

North Construction’s work ethic and project management style make the team flexible in unpredictable conditions. This reputation for tackling complex projects (and many past successes) has benefited the work of many civil engineers around Vancouver.

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North Construction

What Is Civil Construction?

Civil construction includes builds that affect public infrastructure. These construction activities often benefit the public good as they address the improvement of dams, earthworks, tunnels, bridges, and roads.

North Construction is happy to be involved in the initial planning, creation, and upkeep of any such projects. From rebuilding projects to infrastructure involving water, if your architectural drawings call for an environmentally stable structure in rugged terrain, North Construction can finish the job.

The company’s history of successful construction contracts keeps them in demand for various civil engineering projects throughout Vancouver, British Columbia.

With a clearly defined project management style, North Construction is confident in dealing with all governing bodies, First Nations groups, engineers, designers, and other professionals involved in a project.

Assistance for Civil Engineers

Detailed plans require well-organized project structures to benefit the crews on site, along with adequate site preparation, building permits, and the proper construction materials.

North Construction handles all steps related to civil engineering. More than merely digging and earth moving, they are responsible for completing the project and dealing with the expected (and unexpected) issues that can affect the schedule and budget.

Civil construction requires good relations with local government and authorities, creating accurate cost estimates, understanding the land, and making sure that all work conforms to the plan.

Our specialty in ski resort development and project management North Construction Team
Foreshore Projects in B.C.

Work performed in the Civil Construction Industry

North Construction is capable of carrying out work on all assignments for your infrastructure project:

  • Bridges and roadways
  • Land development, landscape architecture
  • Foundation analysis, surveying
  • Earthwork projects, landfills
  • River stabilization, dams, water reservoirs, building levees
  • Public structures and other buildings
As you can see, the company’s civil construction services provide solutions for civil engineers everywhere. North Construction can facilitate the coordination of various stakeholders, including the designers, governments, local authorities, and any outside contractors. The company makes building sites suitable for their purpose.

North Construction does more than build structures. They deal with physically built environments and the surrounding land as well.

North Construction is often called upon to deal with the trickiest reservoirs, mountain ridges, and other situations that demand advanced grading and erosion control, all while addressing the environmental concerns and legal regulations.

Trust North Construction for Your Civil Construction Projects

Make North Construction in North Vancouver your first call when structural engineering or civil construction is involved.

Their experience allows local governments and civil engineers to carry out projects to completion.

Which Projects Require Structural Engineers?

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