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Why Hydroseeding Is Essential for Vancouver Construction

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Never underestimate the power of a new lawn!

Simply put, construction work contributes to soil erosion. When soil is disrupted and land is graded, valuable root systems disappear. This means that soil is susceptible to being washed away by the rain, carried off by the wind, or moved by the force of gravity. Erosion is a gradual process but a potential issue that can negatively impact the surrounding land and water, and the success of the project itself.

Erosion should concern every construction company, not just those specializing in eco-sensitive construction practices. Afterall, you wouldn’t want your project and company name to be associated with harming the soil, water, and local vegetation and wildlife.

North Construction in North Vancouver, BC, is a company that views sustainable construction as a critical objective for every project.

This is why a good hydroseeding slurry with a wood fiber mulch is so important for construction work.

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Grass Seeds and Other Options for Protecting the Land

When heavy amounts of land need to be moved, it’s wise to work with a company that understands the importance of erosion control.

Take away that top layer of soil, and you’re removing Mother Nature’s first line of defence against erosion. You’re also limiting the ground’s natural ability to regulate water and retain nutrients. Therefore, seed growth is essential for protecting the remaining soil and reducing the harmful effects that construction work can cause.

When you don’t have time or money to lay down a sod lawn, commercial hydraulic mulch seeding is a viable option.

Hydroseeding and Other Methods Can Help

Construction phasing ensures construction is carried out responsibly by only clearing specified sections at a time to limit bare soil exposure. Dividing the land into sections as you work, responsible mulching, and using protective blankets all help to reduce erosion.

Ideally, you want to encourage vegetation growth and root development by planting new seeds.

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The Benefits of Hydroseeding?

Growing grass in excavated areas is beneficial for limiting the effects of soil displacement. Hydroseeding has proven to be the most cost-effective method for achieving effective coverage in the shortest amount of time.

Hydroseeding is an effective method for distributing grass seed in the soil. It’s less time-consuming and labour-intensive than traditional seeding processes and far less expensive than laying sod. Hydroseeding compares favourably to other methods for coverage over large areas

What’s Involved?

The concept of hydroseeding is reasonably straightforward.

Hydroseeding uses special equipment for high-pressure spraying along inaccessible slopes or any large area needing revegetation. Hydroseed mixtures include a slurry mixture of water, grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and a binding trackifier that holds everything together to stimulate growth. There is also a biodegradable green dye within the mulch that helps ensure visible coverage during application.

Hydroseeding is a fast and effective method for achieving a new beautiful lawn for homeowners. For construction crews, using a hydroseeding slurry for seed germination promotes the safe development of grass. It should also be an essential part of any B.C. construction company’s erosion and sediment control plan.

Other measures may include erosion control blankets, sediment basins, rip rap, silt fences, and specially created gravel entrances for accessing the site.

When hydroseeding, weather plays a critical factor. It’s essential to select the right time to hydroseed for the climate. Construction work during heavy rainfall is never ideal and will contribute to the erosion of unprotected soil.

Performing a soil test beforehand is vital for construction companies building foundations, retaining walls, or working around slopes. Safety and stability should always be a priority. Soil awareness is crucial for successful erosion control.

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Erosion and Sediment Control

Why Hydroseeding for Grass Growth?

Growing grass around construction sites, roads, and other commercial projects helps prevent erosion.

Hydroseeding is an integral part of erosion control on construction projects involving deep excavation. Grass helps absorb excess rain and runoff from snow and ice from damaging roads.

Keeping sediment from entering nearby water systems is a big responsibility, and hydroseeding helps.

Not only does hydroseeding protect the ground around your construction site, but it also beautifies the area with lush green grass.

Ensure Proper Hydroseeding with North Construction

At North Construction, defending job sites against the effects of erosion and invasive species is always a top priority.

The company specializes in eco-sensitive environmental construction in British Columbia. They work in some of the province’s most challenging terrain, delivering impressive builds while maintaining the integrity of the communities they serve.
Contact North Construction today to learn more about how the company preserves the environment as they work.

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