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Vancouver Ski Resort Development Construction

Skiing is a part of life in Canada, be it downhill or cross-country skiing. Wherever there are mountains or snow, you’ll find people who love a fresh bed of powder. Countless tourists visit Vancouver International Airport each year to ski our local hills.

Skiers in Vancouver, British Columbia, are lucky because we have access to some of the best skiing anywhere. We have our choice of local mountains, and Whistler Village is only 2 hours away.

What’s tougher to find in the Vancouver region are construction companies that specialize in ski resort upgrades and development.

When it comes to working in challenging and remote terrain, ski resort infrastructure development, and Olympic-standard venue construction, North Construction is THE company in the Lower Mainland.

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Ski Resort Development Around Vancouver

North Construction understands the demands of ski resort construction.

Over the past 25+ years, our company has completed work for the popular ski destinations of Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour in North Vancouver and Cypress Mountain in West Van.

North Construction also worked with the Fraser Valley Regional District on the Sasquatch Mountain Resort (formerly the Hemlock Resort) near Harrison, BC.

Our capacity to deal with work at steep elevations and in less-than-ideal construction scenarios enables our team to specialize in projects on a grand scale. Over the years, our work on ski resorts in the Vancouver area has established our reputation as the company to turn to for work on vertical drops, lifts, trails, and ski lodge construction.

Mountain Resort Development for All Seasons

Of course, mountain resorts aren’t just for the winter months. Are you open for business in the summer? If not, why not? North Construction will create the perfect spot for mountain biking, hiking trails, restaurants, zip lines, and other revenue-producing attractions.

In fact, with a few adjustments, your mountain resort can become a mountain biking destination. North Construction can advise on trailhead placement, controlling drainage, and preventing runoff damage.

If you need to expand your lodge for retail, hotels, condos, and further expansion, our team will be your partner. We will develop a clear strategy to implement all your plans.

Mountain Resort Development for All Seasons
Our specialty in ski resort development and project management North Construction Team

Our Specialty

What are you envisioning for your ski area? Do you want to make the most of your resort’s available land? North Construction doesn’t just move the earth for our clients; we actively work on improving the guest experience for skiers. It’s not about having the biggest ski area; it’s about having it operate efficiently.

Improving skier flow is an important consideration, and we have the experience to know what will (and will not) work.

Do you have an official community plan in place? Have you met with local first nations? We can assist with all phases of development.

Improvements for Ski Resorts

You can’t just depend on the weather to make your ski resort desirable. Like any business, you need to innovate. North Construction can assist in a number of ways.

  • Expanding ski terrain (beginner or intermediate areas, new trails)
  • Improving lift access to expand uphill capacity (ski lift installs)
  • Consulting and design
  • Enhancing utilities
  • Budgeting and project management
  • Managing environmental controls and monitoring
  • Mapping and logistics
  • Creating snow and reservoirs
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Foreshore Projects in B.C.

What We Do

Building a ski resort is a major undertaking. We’ll let you know what the expected timelines will be and help you get your project approved.

It’s not just clearing an area and erecting a ski lift. You need parking lots, accommodations, and an appropriate lodge. North Construction has experience dealing with big infrastructure projects (sewer, water, utilities) across the province. We’re also adept at assessing the environmental impact of our work.

We Love a Challenge

Need help with your vertical drop? Are there opportunities to expand your backcountry touring trails?

Our business family strives to do right by our clients and the residents of the communities we serve.

Difficult jobs fall within the wheelhouse of North Construction. We take on the jobs that scare the other crews away.

Ski Area Planning and Construction

There’s a lot that goes into designing ski runs that will keep visitors coming back. North Construction can help you come up with a master plan. With our mountain resort and civil construction expertise, we can guide you through everything from the initial feasibility studies to the layout of your ski trails and the installation of ski lifts.
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On the Mountain

Where to begin? That’s a good question. We’re happy to talk you through our process for any work you require.

From city streets to the middle of the woods, our team is proficient at working in all environments throughout the year: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Starting Your Mountain Project

If you’re developing a new area, chances are you’ll require a large amount of clear-cutting to create the ski trails. North Construction works to carry out the mountain planning and design in the most responsible way. This is because our services extend well beyond the operation of heavy equipment.

When you contact North Construction, we assist in various areas:

  • Site selection and inventory
  • Trail and lift planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Creating a base area for skier services
  • Supplying detailed timelines for the completion of work
  • Roadwork for access
  • Project management

Let North Construction know what you require.

We Build It RIGHT

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