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Nobody knows better than a civil construction company just how important it is to have reliable off-road hauling services. It’s not just about the calibre of truck or trailer at your disposal; it’s also about the quality of driver you hire and their level of transportation experience. There needs to be a good process in place to ensure the load gets from point A to point B in the safest, most reliable way.

When you’re involved in construction, the transport fleet you depend on must be spot on. Civil excavation and rescue projects of any size require skilled hauling services.

North Construction in Vancouver has the resources for hauling all kinds of freight, including aggregates and the expected heavy equipment. Their team has dealt with some of the craziest off-road conditions you can imagine.

North Construction

Types Of Specialized Trailers

When you take on the variety of work that North Construction does, you never know what type of equipment will be required. You may need a special crane or helicopter to get the job done on any given day.

At North Construction, the nature of the work, including eco-sensitive projects, green energy generation builds, and ski resort development, demands specialized transportation and off-road hauling.

When it comes to the heavy types of loads civil construction projects depend on, it all comes down to two types of off-road vehicles: Articulated and Rigid Frame.

Why Articulated?
Articulated off-road trucks offer more versatility, better traction, and the suspension necessary for handling steep grades and those less-than-perfect conditions in unpopulated areas. This style of truck is beneficial in the wet and rainy conditions of B.C.
When job-site conditions are uncertain, short on space, or subject to change, articulated vehicles provide the reliable transportation you need to stay on schedule.

Why Rigid Frame?
If you’re transporting materials over long distances and time is of the essence, Rigid Frame trucks are the way to go. These vehicles are most effective when there is access to permanent or semi-permanent roads leading to the work location that are in good condition.
This isn’t to say that a rigid frame dump truck couldn’t handle some rocky terrain, but they are much better suited to areas with lots of space and predictable driving conditions.

Managing Off-Road Hauling Services

The right equipment will expedite the construction process much more efficiently. This is why it pays to work with a team that has experience handling jobs in B.C.’s roughest, most challenging terrain.

It’s not just about owning a fleet of trucks or gaining access to the right transportation equipment. Successful construction project management is about understanding the job’s parameters and having the experience to deal with the unexpected.

Knowing precisely what’s being loaded, how much there is, and the maximum capacity for each hauling vehicle ensures a smooth flow. There is always a delicate balance between the anticipated conditions, hauling weight, mileage, and the job duration.

With so much on the line in terms of budgeting and time allotted for work, every mile driven and every hour behind the wheel matters.

North Construction
North Construction Vancouver

North Construction Can Handle The Big Jobs

Transportation and off-road hauling are critical parts of the construction industry, and nobody knows this better than the pros at North Construction in North Vancouver.

Whether hauling dirt, gravel, or massive rock away from a location or to another job site, North Construction does so with great efficiency. No work can start until the proper preparation is done and the necessary materials are available.

As a company that often works in remote sites requiring helicopter-only access, marine shipping, and some of the steepest slope applications possible, North Construction takes its hauling and transportation very seriously.

Ready to Get Down to Business?

If you’re seeking a company capable of handling all aspects of construction with military precision, including specialized trailers, equipment hauling, and more, North Construction is a company that will deliver.

With almost 3 decades of experience hauling equipment and materials to and from locations around B.C., you can be assured your project will stay on track. No matter how treacherous the conditions may be, North Construction arrives with the right vehicles for the task.

Want an example of the type of freight North Construction deals with? Visit North Construction online. You’ll discover a company where no half-measures are taken. When it comes to construction transportation and freight, North Construction is the driver in charge. We know how to ship the heaviest materials to and from job sites in the safest, more reliable way.

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